1. Increase student achievement in all areas by focusing on critical thinking and problem solving.

Our students will face unprecedented challenges in the future–from worldwide issues like climate change and competition in the global economy to local issues like sustainability, affordable housing, and the high cost of a college education. I want our Live Oak public schools to prepare them to meet those challenges by ensuring that they have the critical thinking skills needed to develop innovative solutions to serious problems. Like all public schools in California, our district has been undertaking the gradual implementation of the Common Core State Standards. These standards are not a curriculum and they do not take authority away from local school districts. In fact, school boards in California now have more authority and responsibility than ever before to make important LOCAL decisions about curriculum, programs and teaching methodologies. I encourage you to read the standards for yourself and contact me with specific questions you may have about the implementation of these important standards in the Live Oak School District. Ensuring that we have rigorous academic standards and that our students are prepared to make meaningful contributions in our rapidly changing world is not easy, but nothing truly worthwhile ever is.

2. Improve opportunities for parent involvement in Home & School Clubs and other school activities.

As a parent, I am an active participant at Del Mar Elementary where my daughter has attended from Kindergarten through fourth grade. As a leadership team, the school board and administration are always looking for ways to help the Home & School Clubs at all district schools better meet the needs of parents. If you think that there are ways that we may be able to use technology or social media to help connect parents to each other and to the school community, or you have other ideas, I would welcome any suggestions.

3. Leverage the new Boys & Girls Club at Shoreline Middle School to achieve greater community impact

The Boys & Girls Club is a wonderful organization that makes a positive impact in communities in countless ways. The brand new Live Oak Clubhouse will allow us to expand the reach of this club, which has been an important part of the overall educational mission of the district for many years. The new facility allows BGC to serve many more children and adds incredibly valuable multi-use space adjacent to Shoreline Middle School. I am endorsed by the leaders of several of Live Oak’s most important community organizations because they trust me to keep moving the Live Oak School District forward in ways that support our families and the educational mission of our schools.

To hear more of Jeremy’s thoughts on education, please view the candidate forum video produced last election cycle (2012) by Santa Cruz Community Television: